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Discussion in 'Product and Service Reviews' started by tyler, May 31, 2017.

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    Most people write reviews when something bad happens and that doesn't always make the best review. We ask that if you are in the middle of an issue with a provider, to wait a few days and then write the review based on your total experience.

    A review should be as detailed as possible. For example, this is an example of a bad review:

    "host abc is terrible, bad uptime"

    This is an example of a good review:

    "I signed up to host abc in late 2008. When they first started off, they answered all of our tickets in 5-10 minutes. Every year, it seemed that support replies kept getting longer and longer. On average, in 2017, it takes about 3 days to respond to a normal support ticket."

    The more detail you provide, the better the review will be and the more helpful it will be to our community.

    Please note that all reviews are moderated, we need to verify you were/are a customer before approving the review.
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