Picking out the best web hosting provider for you

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    There are thousands of web hosting providers, some small, some big and a few that are insanely huge. How do you know which web hosting provider is the best?

    There's not one single web hosting provider that is going to best for everyone. Your specific requirements will determine what provider is best for you.

    Here are a few pointers that can help you find the best provider for you.
    • Don't search Google for web hosting reviews. You'll come across thousands of web hosting review sites and the majority, if not all of them, are affiliate websites. This means the owner of that website gets paid if you sign up to one of the providers they mention on the website. So you will constantly see huge providers, such as Blue Host, Host Gator and so on, on every review site with unusually high reviews, but keep in mind people are advertising those providers because they pay $50-$150 per referral.

    • Try to determine the size of the provider before signing up. Although I'm a big supporter of small businesses, very small web hosting providers usually don't provide the best experience as they have very limited funds and usually don't have 24/7 support. I usually go to http://www.webhosting.info and click on 'Web Hosts' and type in the provider. It will give you a ballpark number of customers they have. If webhosting.info doesn't have that provider, it's usually due to them being very small.

    • Contact them and get a feel for their response time. You can do this by emailing their sales department to see how long it takes. Again, keep in mind sales isn't always 24/7 and support usually has a faster response time, however it will give you a good idea on the level of knowledge they have, how fast they respond and how friendly they are.

    • Search web hosting forums, such as this one for reviews. They are usually more legit and can provide a more realistic review experience than a review affiliate site. Keep in mind that just because you find bad reviews about a provider, doesn't mean they are a bad provider. Normally, people don't post reviews about providers unless they are upset. When things are going great, you never spend the time to write about them but when you're upset, that's the first thing customers think about. However, if you find bad review after bad review over a short period, that could be a warning sign.

    • Lastly, ask the community. Have a provider in mind? Ask other people what they think of the provider you're thinking of choosing. If they are a good-sized, there will usually be people who use them and can provide their recent experience on their service.
    Good luck!
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    Stablehost.com comes highly recommended...

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